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Voluntary reporting Voluntary modules Type of PRI Indicator Dependent on Gateway to Disclosure Subsection indicator Principle Multiple, see Multiple, see Voluntary OO 14 CORE PUBLIC GENERAL guidance guidance modules The following modules are voluntary to report on in the separate PRI asset class modules as they account for less than 10% of your total AUM and are under USD 10 billion. Please select if you wish to voluntarily report on the module. (2) No, opt out of reporting on the (1) Yes, report on the module module (N) External manager selection, appointment and monitoring ◉ ○ (SAM) – infrastructure The following modules are mandatory to report on as they account for 10% or more of your total AUM or are over USD 10 billion. The ISP (Investment and Stewardship Policy) module is always applicable for reporting. (1) Yes, report on the module ISP: Investment and ◉ Stewardship Policy (A) Listed equity ◉ (B) Fixed income – SSA ◉ (C) Fixed income – corporate ◉ (D) Fixed income – securitised ◉ (E) Fixed income – private debt ◉ (H) Infrastructure ◉ 25

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