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☑ (U) Other SRI label based on EUROSIF SRI Transparency Code (e.g. Novethic), please specify: French ISR label ☐ (V) People's Bank of China green bond guidelines ☐ (W) RIAA (Australia) ☑ (X) Towards Sustainability label (Belgium) ☑ (Y) Other, please specify: Eurosif SRI Transparency Code Manager Selection, Appointment and Monitoring (SAM) Selection Responsible investment policy Type of Dependent Gateway PRI Indicator Disclosure Subsection indicator on to Principle Responsible investment SAM 2 CORE OO 11 SAM 2.1 PUBLIC 1, 4 policy During the reporting year, did your organisation include compliance with your responsible investment policy as a pre-requisite when selecting external managers? (If you did not select any external managers during the reporting year, refer to the last reporting year in which you did select external managers.) (2) Yes, when selecting external managers of (3) We did not include (1) Yes, only when ESG/sustainability compliance with our selecting external funds and mainstream responsible investment managers of funds (This option also policy as a pre-requisite ESG/sustainability applies to signatories when selecting external funds who may not hold managers ESG/sustainability funds) (A) Listed equity (active) ○ ◉ ○ (B) Listed equity (passive) ○ ◉ ○ (C) Fixed income (active) ○ ◉ ○ 83

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