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01 04.3 Marketplace Our commitment to I&D Serving our social purpose 02 Accelerating our business transformation Financial literacy programmes 03 Our I&D strategy and priorities We believe we have a responsibility to use our skills Reality Changers to impact the world in a positive way, and this is the 04 basis of our financial literacy programme. It aims Since 2014, we have hosted an annual job shadow day for students Our progress in 2021 from “Reality Changers”, a local non-profit organisation in San Diego – Workplace to expose young people from less-advantaged – Workforce backgrounds to the financial services industry. focused on providing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with – Marketplace By providing opportunities to meet with our academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training, employees, students can see the range of roles to become college graduates. available within an asset management company and learn how they can position themselves – both personally and professionally – for a successful career in the industry. To date, around 150 AllianzGI “I’m proud to work for a firm that supports local colleagues across 10 offices have helped 750 organisations to help students from disadvantaged students gain a better understanding of money backgrounds graduate from high school, prepare and the role of the asset management industry. for college and escape the cycle of poverty. Over the years, the US Inclusion and Diversity 150 Committee has partnered with Reality Changers and Barrio Logan College Institute – organisations AllianzGI colleagues operating in neighbourhoods plagued by violence and poverty – to support them in preparing high Heather Bergman school students for college and beyond. When we Senior Portfolio Manager, 10 AllianzGI invite the students into our workplace, they meet offices colleagues from diverse backgrounds and this opens their eyes to the idea that there’s 750 a place for them in our industry.” students have gained a better understanding of money and the role of the asset management industry AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 39

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