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Transparency & Confidence-Building Measures Information disclosed – ESG assets Type of Dependent Gateway PRI Indicator Disclosure Subsection indicator on to Principle Information disclosed – ESG ISP 46 CORE OO 16 N/A PUBLIC 6 assets For the majority of your ESG/sustainability marketed funds or products, and/or your ESG/RI certified or labelled assets, what information about your ESG approach do you (or the external investment managers/service providers acting on your behalf) include in material shared with clients, beneficiaries and/or the public? The material may be marketing material, information targeted towards existing or prospective clients or information for beneficiaries. ☑ (A) A commitment to responsible investment (e.g. that we are a PRI signatory) ☑ (B) Industry-specific and asset class–specific standards that we align with (e.g. TCFD, or GRESB for property and infrastructure) ☑ (C) Our responsible investment policy (at minimum a summary of our high-level approach) ☑ (D) A description of our investment process and how ESG is considered ☑ (E) ESG objectives of individual funds ☑ (F) Information about the ESG benchmark(s) that we use to measure fund performance ☑ (G) Our stewardship approach ☑ (H) A description of the ESG criteria applied (e.g. sectors, products, activities, ratings and similar) ☑ (I) The thresholds for the ESG criteria applied in our investment decisions or universe construction ☑ (J) A list of our main investments and holdings ☑ (K) ESG case study/example from existing fund(s) ☐ (L)We do not include our approach to ESG in material shared with clients/beneficiaries/the public for the majority of our ESG/sustainability marketed funds or products, and/or our ESG/RI certified or labelled assets 76

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