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01 04.3 Marketplace Our commitment to I&D Serving our social purpose 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 Our I&D strategy and priorities Employees in action Empowering women Increasing female 04 in the community in the Tech World representation with Our progress in 2021 – Workplace In San Diego, our employees with HerHackathon the 30% Club France – Workforce made Thanksgiving treat bags – Marketplace for Serving Seniors Centre, In June 2021, we participated Investor Group a local non-profit that in HerHackathon, an initiative The 30% Club Investor Group provides support for seniors driven by the German was created in 2011 in the UK in the community. government to include more and has been launched in five women in design and product other countries since then: Each office also donated money to their development processes to make Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan local Junior Achievement chapter as part digital solutions more inclusive. of their continued support of financial and France. The Group counts literacy programmes for children. They also While women represent more than half of asset managers and institutional donated funds that would have been used the population in Europe, 70% of stocks are investors among its members. for holiday parties to local organisations. owned by male investors. The payment gap For example, in New York we support and the different savings and investment AllianzGI is a member of the 30% Club Covenant House which provides shelter behaviour between women and men France Investor Group which launched and services to homeless youth. often lead to a gap in investment and in November 2020. By combining the pension insurance. Therefore, for 72 hours, engagement and voting capacities of 29 female digital natives from the fields its member companies, the 30% Club of IT development, business, data science, France Investor Group aims to increase design and many more worked on the the representation of women in the SBF AllianzGI challenge to develop a business 120’s executive management teams to solution from idea generation to marketing reach at least 30% by 2025. The Group plan, to close both the gender investment supports a voluntary approach aimed and the communication gap. at implementing meaningful and sustainable change. AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 42

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