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01 04.1 Workplace Our commitment to I&D Facilitating social connections and support 02 Accelerating our business transformation It has been proven that we are Ask the Exco is an interactive, web-based 03 physically and mentally healthier format that gives colleagues the opportunity Key metrics (December 2021): Our I&D strategy and priorities to pose questions to our Executive Committee: when we understand our company Tobias Pross, Deborah Zurkow, Markus Kobler 04 strategy and the purpose of our work, Our progress in 2021 and Alexandra Auer. Sessions take place regularly – Workplace have a network of people with whom via our webcast platform. Colleagues can ask a – Workforce to share encouragement, resources, wide range of questions – with examples including – Marketplace guidance and a sense of belonging. how we plan to reopen our offices following the 45,000 This is even more important when we pandemic, how our ESG strategy is developing interactions do not share a physical workplace. and what members would recommend watching (likes, follows, views, reactions) on Netflix! The Global Livingroom series was launched at Rungway the beginning of 2021 as a platform for open To help foster a safe and inclusive culture, and safe exchange between colleagues and we launched Rungway – a place to listen to our member of the International Management peers and colleagues as well as give and seek Group. Its aim is to create a better understanding advice on various topics. It gives employees 431 of our strategy and cultural journey as well as the opportunity to ask questions, at any time, responses to connect colleagues from across the globe. about any topics such as careers, wellbeing Sessions are open to everyone with a maximum and our company culture – anonymously if they of 10 participants per session to ensure a relaxed wish. Other employees are able to answer these “fire-side chat” style event, regardless of seniority questions, share views and tips and support or office location. Hosts offer sessions at different their colleagues. times to ensure access for colleagues around 673 the globe. A one-stop shop for employees and managers to: sign ups Listen to what’s going on in the organisation (over 12 countries, 45% from Germany) Debate topics which matter to employees Care for and help each other Crowdsource ideas across locations, functions and teams 130 discussions published (89% anonymous) AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 14

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