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01 02.1 We pulled together to make 2021 a success Our commitment to I&D 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 2021 was another successful year for AllianzGI. Our I&D strategy and priorities We made great strides in delivering our business 04 strategy and achieved excellent financial results. Our progress in 2021 – Workplace Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, – Workforce our colleagues around the globe worked together – Marketplace across functions and continents to transform our business and position us as the preferred choice for savers and investors who care about sustainable returns. During the year, we made good progress on some of our most important priorities. We developed our sustainability agenda, built our business in mainland China, increased our foothold in Asia Pacific “ We want to create a workplace and bolstered our market-leading position in private markets with a number of innovative product launches. we are all proud of, where there is We’re proud that, during this period of change and challenge, space for different opinions to be we achieved excellent client satisfaction scores and positioned our business for further growth. All while keeping our colleagues safe voiced and heard, and where we can and engaged. Our culture of I&D underpinned this success. Empowering our talented continuously learn from each other. colleagues to succeed is integral to how we work and has played a Simply speaking, we want AllianzGI crucial role in adding value for our clients, enhancing our brand and growing our global business. to be a safe, inclusive and diverse place which we all enjoy being part of.” Tobias Pross CEO, AllianzGI AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021’ 08

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