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01 01.5 Our I&D philosophy Our commitment to I&D 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 An inclusive and diverse workforce is essential to investment excellence Our I&D strategy and priorities 04 Our mission is simple: to help our clients reach their Our progress in 2021 – Workplace long-term goals by generating sustainable returns. – Workforce – Marketplace Building an inclusive and diverse organisation is an essential part of delivering this mission. Understanding our diverse clients Unlocking the value of diversity Our clients are our centre of gravity and we focus on creating By building an inclusive culture that brings out the best value for them at every step. But we aim to deliver more than in people, we can contribute to improved investment pure investment returns. We want to provide exceptional performance and encourage greater innovation to create client service and anticipate changing needs and priorities long-term value for our clients and society more broadly. over time. This means understanding and responding to Asset management is a people-focused business and we our clients’ objectives and concerns through cutting-edge depend on talented individuals who can make sense of research and engagement. Ensuring that our workforce markets to generate strong performance for our clients. reflects the diversity of our clients strengthens our ability to do To protect and enhance clients’ assets, we draw on the this and helps us stay closely attuned to local market contexts. many different perspectives of our people. Their unique Leading by example on sustainability perspectives help shape our investment philosophy and Our clients expect us to reflect their values and priorities approach while contributing immeasurably to the richness in how we invest and operate. As a sustainable investment and breadth of our expertise. We encourage sharing and manager, we carefully consider the potential and actual collaboration across investment teams to create a global, impacts of our operations – both positive and negative – multi-dimensional view of investment opportunities. on society, communities and the environment. We believe we have a responsibility to lead by example, and we hold ourselves to account by clearly demonstrating and communicating the standards we expect of the companies we invest in. AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 06

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