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01 01.1 Foreword Our commitment to I&D 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 Our I&D strategy and priorities I&D is a core component of our company culture 04 and how we work. We know that the strength of Our progress in 2021 – Workplace our culture, the execution of our strategy, and our – Workforce – Marketplace relevance to our clients depend on a truly diverse workforce and inclusive work environment. We’re working hard to prioritize diversity and inclusion in every decision we make and we’re proud of all the work we have done so far to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across our firm. Sustainable change will require the efforts of our entire workforce, and we know we can count on our passionate and committed colleagues to work relentlessly to achieve our goals. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired by our progress and the stories in this I&D report! AllianzGI Executive Committee AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 02

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