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01 04.2 Workforce Our commitment to I&D Attracting and developing a diverse workforce 02 Accelerating our business transformation 10,000 Black Interns 03 Our I&D strategy and priorities 10,000 Black Interns seeks to offer “I was delighted to support the 04 2,000 internships each year for five Our progress in 2021 consecutive years. Companies from – Workplace 24 different sectors offer internships 10,000 Black Interns Summer – Workforce across a range of internal business – Marketplace 2021 Programme and, having functions. Every internship offers an opportunity to change a life. experienced the quality of the In 2021, in the UK, we welcomed six interns to AllianzGI as part of the 10,000 Black Interns Summer 2021 Programme. Our interns worked interns, was very pleased to across various investment functions including Infrastructure Debt, UK Equities and Global have two interns join my team Fixed Income during the summer and two of these internships led to full-time roles in the organisation. on a two-year contract. I have also had the pleasure of working with London Academy of Excellence Tottenham for the past three years, providing work experience to those that are unlikely to see the workings of a company such as ours. In the world of high yield, we often invest in new, small and rapidly changing businesses across the world. By increasing the diversity of our team, real-life experiences can challenge entrenched views and lead to better investment outcomes. From a broader perspective, financial services is still finding it hard to shake off its stereotypical image. The intern programme should help change this at a grass roots level and improve David Newman cultural understanding of the industry and the firm.” Chief Investment Officer Global High-Yield, AllianzGI AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 36

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