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01 04.2 Workforce Our commitment to I&D Attracting and developing a diverse workforce 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 We have enhanced our approach since 2017, with more actions from 2021–2022 spanning all levels of seniority and targeted Our I&D strategy and priorities focus on key functions and locations. 04 Revamping our gender equality plan Our progress in 2021 – Workplace Talent acquisition Talent management Workplace culture – Workforce – Marketplace 2017–2020 We include our Diversity Charter as an We offer equal access to a variety of learning We promote global flexible working and highlights addendum to contracts with recruitment and development programmes to support are a signatory of the Women In Finance partners to state our expectation of gender- our employees in their career development, Charter, a commitment to build a more diverse slates of candidates. We also require including a global mentoring platform. balanced and fair industry. We also actively gender-balanced short lists and diverse pools We also ensure equal reward through regular collaborate with peers through initiatives of interviewers and systematically review our discussions on individual pay with managers, such as the Investment Association, job posting language with Textio to ensure it along with reference to market benchmarks 100 Women in Finance and the She Can is inclusive. and functional and regional reviews, Be initiative to make our industry more to ensure fair pay decisions. attractive for women. 2021–2024 Increasing female representation Ensure equal development Build a “safer” workplace enhancements through talent attraction opportunities By enhancing psychological safety, Investing in focused communication with Create gender-balanced succession plans promoting our new Global Anti-Harassment target groups, sourcing diverse job boards, that include at least one female for all and Anti-Discrimination Policy and partnering with diversity-focused associations executive positions and consider at least one launching Anti-Harassment and Anti- and talent mapping to identify talent. female candidate for all hires/replacements. Discrimination training for all managers Enhancing candidate relationship Create tailor-made development plans and employees. management and talent pools for succession candidates Be recognised as Women’s Employer Reaching out to female candidates in Aim for gender-balanced presence in group of choice our industry to inform them of AllianzGI, executive development programmes and Show AllianzGI as an attractive employer our function and team for talent pipelining. functional development programmes as for female candidates by applying for well as AllianzGI programmes. Perform exit specific awards in countries where we have interviews with female leavers to identify good female representation (e.g. Taiwan, gender-related barriers in culture Hong Kong and France). and processes. Share pictures and quotes from current employees on LinkedIn to showcase diversity. AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 28

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