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01 04.1 Workplace Our commitment to I&D Nurturing a healthy and supportive workplace 02 Accelerating our business transformation The success of our company depends What’s new? 03 on the success and wellbeing of our In July, we launched our new Health and Our I&D strategy and priorities “Our culture plays employees and we strive to provide Wellbeing Hub. It is a one-stop shop for tips, 04 a caring work environment where resources and events to nurture a healthy mind, a critical part in Our progress in 2021 body and overall self – both in and outside work. – Workplace everyone has the support needed to The Hub was launched together with mid-week determining our – Workforce succeed. We empower our employees mindfulness breaks to support employees to attractiveness as an – Marketplace to balance work, career development develop resilience and compassion and to feel and personal priorities through calmer and more at ease at work. inclusive home for wide-ranging initiatives. We also used global celebration days to share current and future Through our Employee Assistance Programmes, insights and spark conversations around health we offer free, professional and confidential and wellbeing topics, including: talent and it’s a pivotal support for employees and their families. This is World Mental Health Day – we hosted two point around which to help our employees deal with personal or webinars on “Managing your mental health” to our strategy is carried work-related problems that might adversely raise awareness of the risk factors and how to impact their health, mental and emotional build mental resilience. out. We’re determined wellbeing or work performance. World Menopause Day – “Let’s talk about menopause” webinars aimed to build to invest in our culture understanding of menopause, how symptoms in the interest of our may be experienced at work and ways we can support each other. collective performance International Men’s Day – a webinar on “Men’s and shared success.” health and wellbeing” covered topics such as cancer prevention and prostate health. Tobias Pross CEO, AllianzGI AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 23

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