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01 04.1 Workplace Our commitment to I&D Challenging misconceptions around disability 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 In recognition of 2021 International Day of People with Disabilities, we have shared three mini guides Our I&D strategy and priorities 04 Our progress in 2021 – Workplace – Workforce – Marketplace Understanding visible Changing perspective on disability Being inclusive: practical tips and non-visible disabilities Our aim is to provide a safe workplace where colleagues We have celebrated International Day of People with Disabilities since feel comfortable not hiding a disability and can contribute 2017 to raise awareness about the different forms disability can take, their full potential to our company’s and clients’ success. both visible and invisible, and promote disability inclusion. In 2021, our aim was to build a common understanding of disability, breaking It’s crucial we educate ourselves about disability to challenge misperceptions down myths and challenges to help create a globally inclusive and and understand how we can better support our colleagues, family members accessible environment for our employees, clients and communities. and friends with disabilities. We shared three mini guides on understanding visible and non-visible disabilities, to change perspectives on disability and share practical tips on how to be inclusive. AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 22

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