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01 04.2 Workforce Our commitment to I&D Attracting and developing a diverse workforce 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 #ChooseToChallengeCampaign Our I&D strategy and priorities 04 On International Women’s Day in March, we organised a range of Our progress in 2021 activities, including panel discussions and a photo campaign to get – Workplace colleagues involved in, and showing their support for the 2021 theme: – Workforce #choosetochallenge. “The rights of women in the workplace and everyday life – Marketplace are a matter that should be discussed by everyone – by men, by women and between men and women. “The most memorable part of being a panellist at the Panel discussions teach us that we should not shy away International Women’s Day panel discussion was from asking and addressing the more difficult questions. the positive feedback I received after the event from They also trigger related conversations, as happened in several colleagues from other locations. They told my team when we discussed I&D in all forms and shapes, me the story I shared in the discussion resonated including access to work for colleagues with disabilities. with them and they admired my openness to share A panel discussion does not necessarily bring the it with everyone, especially when it comes to the solutions and answers right away, but it allows us to challenges I have in balancing work and family life. liberate voices and raise awareness, which in turn allows The candid discussion we had has helped open our the organisation to evolve in the right direction. eyes to the gaps we might have missed and to those To know where you want to go, you first need to know that still need to be addressed.” where you come from.” Edouard Jozan Corrina Xiao Head of Allianz Insurance Taiwan Equity Portfolio Manager, Asset Management, AllianzGI AllianzGI AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 34

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