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01 04.1 Workplace Our commitment to I&D A safe space to talk about ethnicity 02 Accelerating our business transformation A bold conversation about ethnic minorities in the workplace has been needed 03 for a long time. Sparked by the #BlackLivesMatter movement, discussion about For the first time in 2021, in addition to Our I&D strategy and priorities this topic is now happening around the world. Like any good conversation, global and regional Diversity Snapshots 04 effective dialogue needs some people to speak, others to listen, and collective of our workforce, we published country Our progress in 2021 – Workplace efforts to make positive change happen. snapshots that included ethnicity – Workforce figures for the US, showing the ethnic – Marketplace diversity of our colleagues. The Ethnic Minority Colleagues + To diversify our talent pipeline as Allies Group (ECAG) was recently early as possible, ECAG is developing formed in the US to facilitate a plan to recruit a more diverse conversations around race and suite of intern candidates from US ethnicity. Its members have universities in the summer of 2022. identified areas where we can do This benefits our business by connecting more, including celebrating and with talent earlier and benefits young commemorating diversity and people by providing opportunities to heritage and raising awareness of get started in the financial industry. the impact of race-related events Through engagement with managers, taking place in society. They have ECAG will ensure hiring and promotion also been encouraging employees practices actively support I&D. to use Rungway to express their thoughts and opinions. AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 20

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