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01 04.1 Workplace Our commitment to I&D Pronouns matter: showing how small words make a big impact 02 Accelerating our business transformation 03 Our I&D strategy and priorities “Being part of and sponsoring 04 Our progress in 2021 our internal Pride network is – Workplace – Workforce – Marketplace something which is incredibly rewarding for me. It allows Daniel Lehmann me to work with diverse Head of Technology Operations and Products Business Management, colleagues who are all acting AllianzGI based on a strong purpose and a very personal motivation. It also demonstrates that everyone can make a positive difference, irrespective of hierarchy or title. This year, the initiatives around gender identity and gender pronouns made a real impact by bringing the topic into the light and triggering many fruitful conversations. I am looking forward to continuing to shape an even more inclusive and diverse place to work.“ AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 18

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