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01 04.1 Workplace Our commitment to I&D Pronouns matter: showing how small words make a big impact 02 Accelerating our business transformation As part of Pride Month 2021 in June, we raised 03 awareness around the topic of gender identity Our I&D strategy and priorities and the use of gender pronouns. This is an “We have invited 04 example of how we can show that everyone is employees to add gender Our progress in 2021 safe and welcome within our company. – Workplace We encouraged employees to read our “Pronouns pronouns to their email – Workforce matter: how small words make a big impact!” signature as a great – Marketplace guide to gain a better understanding of gender identity, gender pronouns, how to use them and place to support and why they are important for showing respect. include transgender and Matt Cameron from LGBT Great, an organisation with whom we partner to develop LGBT+ equality non-binary colleagues. and inclusion, and our CEO Tobias Pross hosted By doing so, it normalises a one-hour webinar on LGBT+ language and terminology. This helped colleagues gain an the practice and makes it Adding pronouns to email understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity, appreciate how LGBT+ microaggressions easier for our colleagues signatures is an easy way of can play out and develop the confidence to to include theirs if they communicating that everyone have open and safe discussions with colleagues. is safe and welcome within Matt also joined our Global Head of Sustainable wish to do so.” our company. Whether they’re and Impact Investing Matt Christensen to present applying to work here, or they LGBT Great’s latest global research which makes Jami Weinman the case for viewing the investment industry Head of HR Consultancy, are a client, it can make a through an LGBT+ lens. AllianzGI huge difference to a trans or non-binary person when they see your pronouns listed. AllianzGI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2021 16

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